Back to the Past

First Brexit, now Mr Trump. It’s been a very bad year for bleeding heart libs like me. What’s happening? We’ve see-sawed from integration and globalisation to nationalism and protectionism.  The Donald has called it “Brexit plus plus plus”. There are parallels, but there’s one big difference. When Trump supporters wise up to the false promises he’s made they can vote him out. When the UK exits the EU, we’re out forever. No room for Regrexit here.

But The Donald is already backpedalling on one of his pledges. Apparently, some parts of Obamacare are okay and won’t be repealed on Day One. What next in this heap of policy lite horse manure? We’re gonna build a big wall and make the US pay for it? Anything’s possible in this fantastical world.

Unfortunately for people and planet, the one pledge Trump will probably go through with is unravelling the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change. It’s taken years to stitch this deal together, and with the US and China on board we might just escape the worst effects of global warming. But Trump believes global warming is a lie hatched by the Chinese to make US fossil fuels uncompetitive.

Mr Trump is an obnoxious bully who has, incredibly, blagged his way into the White House. Years of tentative progress in fostering international cooperation and avoiding World War III will be consigned to the dustbin of history. We’re going backwards. We need to stop it.