Brexit; red, white or blue?

How was it for you? Red, white and blue, or just blue? The trigger on Article 50 has been pulled and Brexit Is formally confirmed. After more than forty years of relative peace, stability and prosperity, the UK is heading out of the EU, destination unknown. Theresa May wants “access” to the Single Market and immigration controls. Dream on. She also wants to make the UK a “global” player. I thought it already was, and it’s one of the world’s largest economies not because it’s leaving the EU, but because it’s been in it.

We now face two years of wrangling, rumours, counter rumours, bad blood and frustration, during which time the Three Brexiteers will be jet-hopping and toadying up to the likes of Trump and Qatar for trade deals. Expect an erosion of things like workers’ rights and environmental protection as EU legislation is repatriated and sliced and diced by the Conservative Party following the Repeal Bill. They’ll be able to do this because Jeremy Corbyn, the man who could and should have campaigned to keep us in the EU, handed them Brexit not just on a plate but a whole dinner service.

And what of Theresa’s domestic policy? How will she propel Poundland forward in its global ambitions? Easy: expand the number of grammar schools. Grammar schools? I went to one, which shows you how old they are. Thankfully, most of the UK abandoned this form of educational apartheid, but some people can’t help harking back to the past (which probably explains a big chunk of the Brexit vote)..

If you live in Scotland, the situation is even more difficult. Most voters wanted to stay in the EU, and many who voted no to Independence in round one on the assumption that the UK would do just that have difficult questions to answer. Will there ever be a round two? If so, will voting yes get Scotland back in the EU?  Which is most important – membership of the UK, or the EU, or neither?

Och weel, at least we don’t have Donald for PM.