Frack That

Remember David Cameron’s promise to be “the greenest government ever”? It was never going to happen and now, in the wake of Brexit, the idea is as dead as the dodo. Theresa May is paving the way to frack England (probably the north – no prizes for guessing why) by trailing an offer of ten grand compensation for affected homeowners.

In Scotland the petrochemical giant INEOS, owner of the Grangemouth refinery which currently imports shale gas and oil from the US, is putting pressure on the Scottish government to lift its fracking moratorium.

INEOS wants to turn the UK into a fracker’s paradise, planning to drill over a thousand sites across the Central Belt and lodging 30 planning applications for fracking in England. And it isn’t the only company that wants to frack.the UK. Things ain’t looking good for our green and pleasant land. The climate change portfolio has been downgraded, and it won’t be long before bee killing neonics and GM crops are back on the UK agenda.

Meanwhile, a Canadian mining company has a license for the world’s first deep sea mine adjoining a beautiful ecosystem off the coast of Papua New Guinea with everything from coral reefs to sperm whales. Imagine the toxic effects on the ecosystem of digging up the ocean floor for minerals.

It seems the green agenda, nationally and internationally, is slipping backwards. Let’s hope sanity prevails and governments say no to unsustainable fracking and deep sea mining. And let’s hope US voters say no to Trump. If he ever sets foot in the White House, the planet’s ecosystem, and probably everything else, is doomed.