Greenpeace Arctic Protests

Greenpeace has carried out many high profile international protests over the years, some of them with a high degree of risk to its volunteers. Back in 1985 the first Rainbow Warrior was sunk by the French Intelligence Service, which planted a bomb on its hull. One person was killed in the attack. The ship had been trying to stop the French Government testing a nuclear weapon in the Pacific.

As well as its anti-nuclear protests, Greenpeace has campaigned on world wide issues like global warming, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling and genetic modification. It stopped Shell using the sea bed as a dumping ground for old oil rigs (remember the Brent Spar?).

The latest campaign, to stop Russian drilling for oil and gas in the pristine Arctic environment, has resulted in 28 volunteers, plus two other crew members, facing jail sentences up to 15 years for the charge of “piracy”. Their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, was boarded by armed Russian guards and taken to Murmansk. Their crime? They tried to hang a protest banner from a Gazprom oil rig.

It’s easy to overlook the work done by organisations like Greenpeace, because it’s hard to get the green message out in a world where news is dominated by wars, famine and economic crises.   Much of the media is owned and controlled by individuals who have a vested interest in suppressing coverage and spreading misinformation about green actions.

But if it wasn’t for Greenpeace large swathes of our planet would be a wasteland, trashed by unaccountable corporations in pursuit of profit and executive bonuses. If you value wildlife and a healthy, sustainable planet, show your support for the Greenpeace volunteers held in jail in Russia by following this link:

If you live in or around the Dundee area, you might also consider joining the Dundee Greenpeace group. You can follow the link at or phone Sally Romilly at 07719 931 125.