May snatches defeat from jaws of victory.

After Brexit and Trump, you wouldn’t have bet on another volcanic political eruption. But hey presto, after a wave of her snap election wand, saint Theresa has magically transformed a conservative majority into a hung parliament. She even made Jeremy Corbyn look good, and she’s clinging on to power by hooking up with the DUP, a party once led by the Rev.Ian Paisley (say no more).

How did she manage to snatch such a crushing reversal from the jaws of what should have been a slam-dunk victory? First she told us that the election was to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations. This is delusional nonsense. The EU is determined to kick UK butt and understandably so. It can’t allow UK plc to be better off outside than inside the EU and, in spite of the obligatory diplomatic warm words, will do it’s best to give us a damn good thrashing. This won’t change whether Theresa has a majority of 15 or 50, or none.

Second, she said No Deal is better than a Bad Deal, an astonishing statement from the perspective of anyone trying to run a business in Pound Land. No Deal is the worst possible deal, involving maximum uncertainty and disruption to our links with a free trade area hosting around 400 million people, even after Brexit. Any Deal is better than No Deal. To top off this display of bone-headed stupidity and arrogance, she told EU negotiators she could be a “bloody difficult woman”. Ouch. I bet that really endeared her to the Brussels bureaucrats. Will they be taking her bins out? I don’t think so.

Beyond this, her personal relationship with the electorate leaves much to be desired. She has the distinctly unappealing habit of not answering difficult questions whist appearing totally unapologetic. Most politicians avoid answering tough questions, but at least they might squirm a bit or look embarrassed. Not so the Iron Lady. After the social care funding fiasco, she brazenly maintained that ditching the manifesto proposal did not represent a change in “principle”. Oh dear.

And how in touch is she with Joe or Jane Public? Out of all the educational initiatives she could have championed, her desire to expand the role of grammar schools is oddly anachronistic. This is the 21st century, not the 20th.

What’s the point in going on? What’s done is done, and cannot be undone. Just think – we wouldn’t be in this mess if that Vote hadn’t happened. UK plc is now a rudderless ship in a heaving sea, drifting out of control towards the Brexit rocks.  We need a strong and stable government to steer us clear. Hang on, haven’t we just had one?