No news is bad news

There’s an old saying that no news is good news. But Trump and his “fine-tooned machine” have turned that on its head. At a recent press conference he railed against the mainstream media, calling it ”dishonest”. Apparently it has a nasty habit of reporting the facts, or fake news as Donald would have it. Remember folks, there are alternative facts.

As a result, the Don has decided to cut out fake news altogether by barring certain media from his press briefings, including our beloved Beeb. The “news” will now consist of whatever he deems suitable for public consumption. Any historical parallels here?

In the space of a few weeks the President has castigated the judiciary (so-called judges), trashed the integrity of journalists (dishonest), and alienated the security services (too many leaks). At this rate he’ll run out of people to insult and blame. Interestingly, no-one has leaked his tax returns yet.

Has there ever been anyone quite like Donald? He’s taking us back to the Dark Ages, a world of suspicion, division and ignorance. No news isn’t good news, it’s very bad news for democracy. So sad.