OMG: Trump for US President

Just when you think this poor, rickety old planet of ours couldn’t get any worse, it gets another kick in the pants. Donald Trump, a ”tycoon” worth $10bn, has thrown his hat in the ring for US president. Quite why he thinks he’s presidential material is anyone’s guess if his rambling rant of a candidacy speech is anything to go by. “This country needs a truly great leader” he tells us modestly. His crass foreign policy statement on US relations with Mexico gives a taste of what we can expect if by some cruel twist of fate Donald stumbles into the White House: “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.” Imagine him chairing discussions on the Middle East or North Korea.

Trump clearly lacks any sense of his own limitations. Perhaps that’s why he’s made a fortune in the business world. But his record as a businessman isn’t so great. Four of his companies went bankrupt, although according to Trump this is just part of climbing that long greasy pole to success. This might sound reasonable until you consider all the poor suckers who lost their money in his wheeling and dealing.

And Donald’s PR isn’t exactly great in Bonny Scotland. He tried to scare off residents unlucky enough to live (legally) in the middle of his new golf course. When a campaign of harassment and intimidation failed to shift them, a huge bank of earth mysteriously appeared to block out their view of the sea. He called one of their homes a “pigsty”. A campaigner told me that when he lands in his private jet, a lackey drags a red carpet from the hold and rolls it out along the tarmac so he can be photographed arriving in his full pomp. When the foties get published in the press, it looks like the locals have put on a big welcome.

Until a couple of days ago I thought global warming was our biggest problem, but I think it’s just slipped into second place.